Romiley Karate Club

Instructor Profiles

Sensei David Moon. 3rd Dan

Sensei David Moon began training at the age of eight, taking his first grading in 1991 under Sensei Norris Pierce (5th Dan) of Keihatsu Karate Club in Droylsden. It was there that he obtained his 1st Kyu (3rd tab Brown Belt) before moving to Tokkotai Karate Club under Sensei Damien Mcloughlin (6th Dan). Sensei Craig Murphy (5th Dan) of Copley Karate Centre took over Tokkotai shortly afterwards, as Sensei Mcloughlin chose to pursue his professional career, leaving the club to Craig. David trained at the club until the end of 2002, obtaining his 1st Dan in 1995 and his 2nd Dan in 1997.

In 2003, David qualified as a Stage 4 SKU Senior Instructor and established Romiley Karate Club. The next few years were extremely busy for him, resulting in him putting his 3rd Dan grading on hold for a few years. Whilst he continued to train in karate throughout 2003-2006, his main priorities between this period were building up the club as well as his academic studies for his full-time career.

In 2004, David trained Vanessa and Elliott Moon (his sister and brother) to gain their Black Belts. Whilst this was a very proud moment for David and the club, other instructors from previous clubs has obviously had some impact on Vanessa and Elliott's success. It wasn't for another couple of years until Romiley Karate Club's first set of 'blank canvases' were to gain their Dan Grades.

As above, with the main priority for David being his full-time career and the establishment of Romiley Karate Club, his grading was put on hold temporarily. An injury in training and subsequent operation delayed David's grading further, but he took the belt and passed with the highest marks of the day in the Summer of 2006. In the November of the same year, he got his first batch of students to their Black Belt 1st Dan. Since then, the club has trained over 20 students to Black Belt level and beyond.

David has trained with an array of household names in karate and martial arts - to name a few: Self defence expert Harry Cook, Japanese Master Sensei Tomiyama, Freestyle Martial Arts Legend Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace and Wayne Otto, 9 times world and 7 times European Kumite (fighting) champion.

David is keen on the competitive aspects of karate (kumite) and has taken part in many National competitions. He has represented the SKU England Squad at a National an International level, under the guidance of Sensei Mo Ilyas and Sensei Stan Knighton (9th Dan and SKU Chief Instructor). He is also qualified as an SKU Kata/ Kumite Judge and Referee, although he prefers to spend his time at competitions coaching his students.

David has an array of awards for Kata and countless titles for the fighting side of competition (Kumite). David has been the SKU National Kumite Champion on several occasions, but his most notable achievements have been at the EKGB Nationals (all English Championships). David has won gold in the Northern Region Tournament and has been both a bronze and silver medallist in the finals. David has also won a bronze in the open weight section of these championships and he has many competition wins at the open tournament circuit.

David has years of experience in teaching karate. Even at a very young age as a student at his two clubs, he has passed on his skills to the younger cadets, acting as a role model within his club as an Assistant Instructor before qualifying to open his own club late in 2002. Additionally, David has a Degree in English and a PGCE from the University of Manchester. He is a full-time teacher at a High School during the day and a karate teacher by night!

David enjoys many aspects of karate and especially enjoys passing on his knowledge and skills to his students. Importantly, David tries to make sure that he teaches in a way that is easy to understand, easy to enjoy and easy to apply in real-life self defence scenarios.