Kick Start 4 Kidz

The fun and educational way to learn martial arts for 4 - 6 year olds
Saturday Mornings - 10:00am to 10:45am

What are the benefits of ‘Kick Start 4 Kidz’ classes?

The time between the ages of four and six are arguably the most vital years of a child's development. Our ‘Kick Start’ programme enhances this period of development in a positive, fun and encouraging way, promoting your child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.

What skills are the children taught?

Our ‘Karate Kidz’ are taught skills which are composed of not only physical benefits, but mental ones also. These include:

1) Focus and concentration: Of course, children do have shorter attention spans, but our aim is to improve this and make your child not only a better listener at the club, but at home and at school also.

2) Co-ordination: This improves your child’s fine and gross motor skills. Your child will also learn left from right and become better in sports activities.

3) Teamwork: Your child will develop character, helping him or her to make new friends and become a team player.

4) Control and Confidence: Interacting with the other students and practicing the karate movements gives the children improved social skills and a newfound sense of confidence.

5) Balance: By practicing the movements in class, your child will develop good balance and a better posture.

6) Memory and Problem Solving: Developing a good memory is good exercise for your child's mind power.

7) Discipline and Commitment: Discipline is both fun and rewarding. Your child will take pride in doing the right thing and will be able to follow directions better. We encourage self-discipline and commitment in all our students.

8) Fitness: Our lessons promote health and fitness by doing regular exercises.

9) Self Defence: In today’s society, learning a martial art gives both you and your child peace of mind. Our classes ensure that your child may protect themselves, should they ever need it.

10) Anti-Bullying: We always remind our children that the skills they have should never be abused; they should be used in defence only.

What about belts and gradings?
Whereas our older children and adults meet at least twice a week, our ‘Kick Start’ group only trains once a week. This way, your child is gently eased into the sport. We therefore adopt a separate curriculum and grading system which suits the younger karate student.

The belt system for our ‘Kick Start’ classes is a white belt with a coloured stripe. All newcomers start on a plain white belt and progress to a white belt with a red stripe, yellow stripe, orange stripe, green stripe, blue stripe, purple stripe, brown stripe and then finally, a black stripe. Exams are taken during the lesson so there is no additional fee; the only cost of the grading is the lesson fee and the purchase of the belt if successful.

Once your child has ‘graduated’ in our ‘Kick Start’ class and is old enough and prepared enough, he or she will be advised to start with the normal karate sessions. It is in these lessons that they train for full coloured belts. At this stage, we advise a minimum of two hourly sessions a week with some of the older and more experienced students at the club.

How much are classes?

Your first lesson is free. Thereafter, classes are £5 for one person or £9 for two siblings.

Who teaches the lessons?
Lessons are taught by a team of younger and older Instructors:

Sensei David Moon (3rd Dan and Romiley Karate's Chief Instructor)
Sensei Jerry Slater (1st Dan Assistant Instructor)
Sensei Hazel Whelan (1st Dan Assistant Instructor)
Sensei Lewis Slater (1st Dan Junior Assistant Instructor)
Sensei Charles Whelan (1st Dan Junior Assistant Instructor)
Sensei Carmen Palmer (1st Kyu Junior Assistant Instructor)

How do I enrol my child?
Class sizes are limited, so contact us to book a session.